luncheon là gì

Numerous groups are tailored vĩ đại the perceived needs of older people, such as luncheon clubs and day centres.

Often the price of my luncheon used vĩ đại be spent on some sample out of this barrel.

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The luncheon takes place and a façade of polite behaviour is retained; the fête is rained out and the illusion of social propriety is summarily punctured.

So far, the field research has concentrated on life history interviews with older people, mainly drawn from three seniors clubs (two service centres and a luncheon club).

Fifty-nine percent of the existing committees provided some level of community education, and typical formats included a yearly luncheon, an annual program, or a workshop or seminar.

He was given luncheon credits of a substantial amount, which were doubled, if not trebled, if he took anyone out vĩ đại lunch with him.

In other words, the premises must be suitable for the purpose of a restaurant which provides luncheon and dinners or both.

Further, there is no reason why these civic restaurants should not make arrangements for wedding receptions, public dinners and luncheons and dances.

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The luncheon voucher system operates in many of our industrial and commercial canteens.

By the provision of day centres, luncheon clubs and home page help services we may achieve prophylactic medicine.

I entirely agree that the luncheon voucher concession is not a very large matter.

The 15p limit reflects the treatment, for tax purposes, of employees who receive luncheon vouchers.

People get luncheon vouchers, and workers are taken from their homes vĩ đại the factories.

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I vì thế not think an increase in the tax-free limit for luncheon vouchers would be justified.

There are 19 million luncheon vouchers issued in a year.

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