lot là gì trong tiếng anh

I had to tướng vì thế a lot of detective work to tướng uncover the truth about my parents' lives.

The diner had no drive-thru window, no published phone number, and a smallish parking lot, but did a brisk carry-out business.

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Instead, at once, with grandiose sweeping gestures, he đơn hàng with the lot.

She realizes, however, that everyone has already left the building to tướng watch a drunken brawl in the parking lot.

They transformed a derelict private lot into a garden.

There are a lot of parts that are similar, things that you draw from reality, he noted.

There was a lot of things going on at that time that it was the natural thing to tướng vì thế.

The stage was one thing that attracted bủ a lot.

We toured a lot and need some time home!

I think she covered a lot in the special.

The news was on as we pulled into the parking lot.

Hundreds of cars gleam in the sun, neatly slotted in the parking lot grid, an enormous keyboard waiting to tướng be struck.

But the parking lot is woefully inadequate and the entrance and exit are very narrow.

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Traffic was blocked and the parking lot jammed.

The only indication that she was in the casino at the time was that her siêu xe was found in the parking lot outside.

This has an adverse effect on workers who are consistently ranked the unhappiest lot in the region.

Customers are an unhappy lot: the experience of service quality has gone from bad to tướng worse, and simple things lượt thích stopping unwanted messages seem too much to tướng ask for.

End result: early users of the tablet are an unhappy lot with a poor battery life being one major bone of contention apart from a poor build quality.

Struggling to tướng tend to tướng a never-ending stream of patients, the doctors who work at this hospital are also an unhappy lot.

The microfinance industry and its supporters are an unhappy lot.

To experiment doesn't mean you have to tướng invest lots of money or time.

He said he spends lots of money on holidays, describing it as a weakness.

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I lost lots of money trying to tướng make the business look much better and attractive.

There is a lot and lots of money in there and by ví doing will be helping the local producers.

All ví that people could make lots of money.