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I show that lock-in can occur over a wide range of values for the extrapolation parameter and the coefficient of relative risk aversion.

Unfortunately, little is known about the probability of lock-in.

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We cannot thus define lock-in or synchronization such that the shedding frequency is necessarily close to tát the natural frequency.

Furthermore, the tư vấn of the conservative constituency made possible institutional development that combined elements of lock-in with institutional developments that altered the education policy.

This has implications for the lock-in phenomena in the stochastic models of increasing return economics and the sample complexity of stochastic approximation algorithms in engineering.

In either case, as declines, the extrapolative forecast becomes less accurate relative to tát the alternatives, making lock-in less likely to tát occur.

The term "lock-in" borrows from the concept of path dependence in problems involving the choice among competing technologies.

This is recalled in the next section in some detail because these very details khuông the backdrop of our analysis of the lock-in probability.

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Using a 6.3mm diameter cylinder in a 120mm duct, they found lock-in occurred a t a tốc độ of about 46 m s-1.

The intuition for why lock-in occurs is straightforward.

Educational changes have been continuously promoted, but confronted and rejected through lock-in mechanisms.

Note that the uncertainty in the phase data are higher a t locations of smaller fundamental amplitudes due to tát reduced sensitivity of the lock-in amplifier a t low signal levels.

The failure to tát expand or maintain water supply, wastewater and waste collection systems after 1970 was only to tát some degree determined by a technical lock-in produced by past investment decisions.

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He explores processes of political lock-in, including and above all the way in which positive feedback affects the organizational and formalinstitutional arrangements that structure politics and policy making.

We have argued that changed objectives at the central level illustrate conversion, but the resistance of school managers reflects the existence of lock-in mechanisms at the level of implementation.

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