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For example, the ending -ate> in the lexeme reprobate is pronounced strong in all three word classes under discussion.

The consistency of overall deference in discourse depends on the congruence of deference effects marked independently by several honorific lexemes.

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Candidates (b, c) are evaluated as non-harmonic since each incurs two alignment violations, given that neither lexeme has a foot aligned vĩ đại its right edge.

Consider next cases in which more than vãn one lexeme occurs within a single phonological phrase.

Consequently, word order cannot be employed vĩ đại determine whether a given lexeme is or is not being used as a predicate.

At that time, the research focus was on the semantic diversity of lexemes encoding negation and the syntactic frames in which negation occurred.

What most obviously differentiates the two lexemes is the sense of denial of some prior point of view that each gives rise vĩ đại.

Any given situation in the real world has a range of properties that a specific event-denoting lexeme may or may not encode.

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The analysis relies on the iconicity or partial iconicity of many lexemes in sign languages.

It will be recalled that in such sequences, stress falls on the penultimate syllable of the lexeme (not the morphological word).

In computing the word forms of a lexeme we must in general appeal vĩ đại two types of feature.

Moreover, an examination of this lexeme will provide insight into the relationship between lexical structure, conceptual structure and subjective experience.

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Note that the absence of an article with the modifying lexeme shows that the lexeme is used in a non-referential slot.

The next step is vĩ đại categorise the lexicon and list the diacritic features of the lexemes in the lexicon.

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