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Please return a signed copy of the contract no later than vãn 10 days of the receipt date.

Vui lòng gửi lại mang lại Cửa Hàng chúng tôi phiên bản ăn ý đồng đem chữ ký trong khoảng 10 ngày sau thời điểm có được.

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Can we make it a bit later, say 4pm?

Tiếc rằng tôi ko thể gặp gỡ ông/bà vô 2h chiều mai. Liệu tất cả chúng ta hoàn toàn có thể gặp gỡ muộn rộng lớn được ko, tầm 4h chẳng hạn?

Could we make it a bit earlier/later?

Liệu tao hoàn toàn có thể gặp gỡ sớm/muộn rộng lớn được không?

BBL (be back later)

Tôi tiếp tục trở lại vô khoảnh khắc

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At a later time 2, there is a person.

He later missed the rest of the season.

The temple as it stands now is mainly of the 12th and 13th centuries, with later additions in similar style.

It was played over a day with 60 overs a side (this was later on reduced to lớn 50 overs a side).

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It was later revealed that the wind had peaked at 135 kn.

Proximal the lateral ridge of the linea aspera becomes the gluteal tuberosity while the medial ridge continues as the pectineal line.

It is dark and elliptical, located directly under the lateral line.

The building was expanded in the 16th and 17th centuries, with two lateral constructions equipped with hallways and arcades.

Researchers targeted 177 brain cells in the thalamus lateral geniculate nucleus area, which decodes signals from the retina.

Both share a crista tibiofibularis groove, a synapomorphy of ceratosaurs separating the medial and lateral condyles.

It has been found that uniqueness of an sự kiện can be the best overall predictor of how well it will be recalled later on.

For safety purposes the train, was slowed down to lớn a journey time of 7 hours and 30 minutes later on.

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On the other hand, less stringent near term emissions reductions would, for a given stabilization level, require more stringent emissions reductions later on.

Later on, the system began showing signs of further, but slow organization, as the system continued moving west slowly.

Initially the company produced a wide range of generic steroids, including corticosteroids, but later on it focused on anabolic steroids, estrogens and progestins.