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More recently, they have taken đồ sộ living in larger hamlets, with government interventions.

All that remains at the hamlet's former location is an abandoned landing strip for light aircraft.

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But in 1878 he finally closed it, and the hamlet's tanning days were ended.

Hamlets have no legal status and depend upon the town for all municipal government and services.

If one were đồ sộ have spent the last three years in this idyllic mountain hamlet, the economic crisis would have been barely noticeable.

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India has had a long history of resolving disputes through the mediation of village elders.

He was then told there had been a ring on the bird's leg which he had removed and given đồ sộ the village elder.

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We were sitting on the floor, but for the head-teacher and a village elder.

The village elders tried đồ sộ mediate but failed đồ sộ reach a compromise between the two widows.

He goes đồ sộ the house of an ailing village elder, anticipating his death but is sent back by the caretaker saying all is well.