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Small stirrup jars were available đồ sộ many social groups and were primarily desired for their function as effective oil containers.

Either way, in rendering an idealized construct, the press offered a 'vision' against which non-conformity jarred abruptly.

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The forms are usually bowls and medium- đồ sộ small-sized jars; some present composite contours.

If your kitchen is short of marzipan, maybe you have a jar (from jarrah) of sultanas.

The glass jars were placed in an environmental growth chamber maintained under the same conditions as described for pupae, and held until adult emergence.

Other fragmented vessels sherds suggest the possibility of small dishes and other jars and bowls.

Underneath and surrounding the base of the jar were 30 green-blue jade pebbles and an additional 84 green jade pebbles.

In addition, the number of larvae per container was reduced đồ sộ between 20-50 larvae per pint jar of flour đồ sộ induce feeding.

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The trăng tròn g soil 8 oz glass jar volume is compared đồ sộ both the 16 and 32 oz glass jar volumes.

In the glass jar example, 0.6 g of water passes through the container every minute the jar is open.

Furthermore, the use of glass jars does not vì thế justice đồ sộ the enormous surface area of the human colon.

They also were expensive compared with traditional gardeners' bell jars and cloches.

Here is a sound stream that is almost smooth; one might describe it as being knitted from the flashes of a broken jar.

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Faecal samples were obtained from animals that defecated upon handling, and were stored in jars of 10% formalin.

At the ends of the tube were placed large glass jars trăng tròn centimet high by 15 centimet diameter.

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