into nghĩa là gì

The practice of turning fresh water lakes into toxic waste dump is a matter that concerns everyone.

He often developed young and inexperienced teams with as many as three freshmen starters into championship squads.

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Although lemon sharks tự swim up rivers, they never seem to tướng travel very far into fresh water.

He later moved into team management, with more success.

The ship's company jumped into the water, and about 250 died.

Merely having a few squad players and younger stars trying to tướng break into the team filling the shirts probably won't cut the ice.

The thought of marriage still makes bu break into hives in fear.

But if officers must, he said, they'll break into a person's siêu xe to tướng rescue an animal in distress.

It also has equipment that could help them break into your house.

That's a tough market to tướng break into: one where people aren't used to tướng paying for games.

We step into our hoops, put one foot in front of the other and give the thing a shove.

Not only can we never step into the same river twice, but we are never the same self stepping into that river.

Every new year involves a step into the unknown.

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Step into our shoes and then you will feel our pain.

I opened the door to tướng the kitchen to tướng step into the compound.

Let's not sink into the morass that is daily on display south of us.

Without a moment to tướng sink into the material, there is no time to tướng realise how just how lightweight the show is.

We can't wait to tướng sink into this thing's cushy-comfy seats later this year.

Unfortunately, this move occurred just as the economy began to tướng sink into a recession.

It seems lượt thích the perfect spot to tướng sink into after a particularly bad day at work.

Temperatures will climb into the upper 80s, but feel lượt thích the mid-90s due to tướng humidity in place.

I couldn't even reach some of the kitchen shelves and needed a stepladder to tướng climb into bed.

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Soon, a worker in overall-style waders will climb into the tank to tướng press the grapes manually.

Strap in after you climb into a tree stand.

We've been feasting on the "low-hanging fruit" for a long time now, and we're now being forced to tướng climb into the higher branches.