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The precursor to tát having one's integrity protected (embodied by the requirement of one's consent) is the capacity to tát exercise will, make choices, and communicate desires.

Two different hypothesis have been advanced to tát explain why the semantic representation of numbers is dependent on the integrity of these specific cortical regions.

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In order that the entire organization is held to tát standards of integrity, reporting needs to tát be able to tát go to tát all levels directly.

The fifth dimension is the integrity of care, which requires that all of the above four stages be taken into tài khoản.

In exchange for this sponsorship, scholars risked compromising their disciplinary integrity.

This then reduces the vigour and 'bounce' of the elastic recoil and undermines the integrity of a breathing pattern phối at birth.

Unprotected freezing of human spermatozoa exerts a detrimental effect on their oocyte activating capacity and chromosome integrity.

It is used to tát bestow integrity, or its lack, on a performer, such that an 'authentic' performer exhibits realism, lack of pretence, or the lượt thích.

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With this analytic approach in mind for evaluating systems' ethics, we can sketch some desirable design features for systems of organizational integrity.

The tests of fit and justification involved in law as integrity bởi seem very accommodating of disagreement, however.

The results suggest that intact alpha-1,4 glucosidic bonds are essential for vitelline layer integrity required for formation of the fertilisation membrane.

Mitochondria were isolated and purified at early stages of germination (before radicle protrusion), and their oxidative properties, membrane integrity and ultrastructure were examined.

Cellular membrane integrity was studied in developing endosperm during differentiation and maturation.

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State and society have been debilitated by the former's lack of legitimacy and by cumulative onslaughts on the economy and societal integrity.

Such evidence clearly indicates that visual perception requires the functional integrity of distributed representations that are not confined to tát the occipital lobe.

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