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Domestic goods, cloth and clothing appeared in about 40 per cent of theft indictments (clothing alone in at least a quarter).

Often descriptions of the ' dynamic ' of the trials include testimony taken at the indictments of people who were never brought lớn trial.

The tribunal has issued eight indictments against 46 individuals so sánh far.

All sorts of indictments, and all kinds of revolutionary utterances are contained in that document.

There is a prosecutor, and it is for that prosecutor and nobody else lớn assess the evidence and lớn make the decision about indictments.

To the general charge of complacency and lack of urgency we add particular indictments.

Nobody noticed that there were two indictments against him.

Last year—the first year for which complete figures are available—there were fifteen indictments, twenty-two prisoners, and some seventy-nine witnesses were called.

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He has been subject lớn grossly unfair attacks on his policy and lớn violent indictments and misrepresentations in this country.

I pass from that lớn the special question of compensation, one of the indictments that we have framed.

I shall try lớn steer clear of those two indictments.

My experience as a barrister is that the best service that judges ever vì thế in trials is lớn order the severance of indictments.

If there were two indictments and the man had been acquitted of one and convicted of the other, this would have been possible.

The suggestion that there was something special or exceptional in dealing with indictments in this class of case is really not warranted.

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Under this cumbrous procedure there are some forty indictments annually.

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