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This lack of inclusiveness, which even extends vĩ đại the new middle class, is likely vĩ đại threaten the basis of the country's longer-term economic success.

The inclusiveness of the public sphere greatly depended on the concept of public science current in a particular social setting, even though contested.

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As noted above, it follows from inclusiveness that indices and bar-levels are unavailable.

At least in the two cases presented here, there is an undeniable trade-off between input and output, between inclusiveness and transfer-capacity.

The almost meaningless inclusiveness of these terms on their own is clearly intentionally modified by the term 'key'.

Moreover, the principle of inclusiveness is further underlined by the use of the term 'countries of the region and their neighbors'.

The coding scheme erred on the side of inclusiveness, adding a separate code for even esoteric positions.

Yet the increased inclusiveness of contestation promotes but does not ensure democratic consolidation.

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The rankorder of inclusiveness showed almost the same pattern when applying the two different types of modern psychometric tests.

The degree of inclusiveness of public culture was highly contested by the upper classes.

However, the precise limits of this inclusiveness have not been clearly established.

The condition of inclusiveness provides the foundation for the bare phrase structure theory adopted under in this way.

Once this material has been examined, the issues of inclusiveness and exclusiveness can be addressed.

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Its inclusiveness appears vĩ đại have been dependent not only on the social status of its social context but also on national or local contexts.

Moreover, this tendency may be strengthened by the drive vĩ đại inclusiveness of performance studies as a discipline.

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