in detail là gì

The mineral nội dung and the textural relationships within the rock are described in detail.

The second trial of 16791682 is known more in detail kêu ca the first.

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The suffix combines with the final sound of the syllable, and regular but complex sound changes occur as a result (described in detail under erhua).

The original report outlines in detail the functionality of an international credit ratings agency.

In detail three separate outcrops have been identified using a combination of radiometric data and seabed sampling.

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It may require a long text vĩ đại describe every thing in details.

It is critically important vĩ đại read the whole legal document, though it is in fact voluminous, vĩ đại find the devils hiding themselves in details.

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Let's discuss all stages of each cycle in details.

Let us even examine in details what is being suggested by way of amendment.

She expresses her style in details lượt thích the reclaimed teak wood dining table mix against moulded, modern chairs in various bright hues.