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Widespread childhood immunization should greatly reduce the number of primary cases.

That was an era in which someone with a technical answer - an immunization or an antibiotic - really did know best.

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The latter species showed no intraspecific differences in titre elevation between the two immunization regimes.

In other words, intraperitoneal challenge may underestimate the real efficacy of the immunization protocols tested in the present study.

Immunization rates of the elderly in the study communities did not exceed 1%.

In the second trial, small aircraft were used for distribution of praziquantel baits (20/km2) according lớn the protocol of concurrent rabies immunization campaigns.

A reduction of varicella incidence after mass immunization could lead lớn an increase in the incidence of zoster.

These were also the attributes that the model predicted would have the greatest effect on immunization uptake.

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The variability in rubella epidemiology has important implications for the design of immunization programmes.

Immunization against blood-stage rodent malaria using purified parasite antigen.

Therefore, immunization history was obtained from school records.

As knowledge grew, intervention became routinized and selective immunization began lớn replace general restriction as the main method of combating disease.

Families brought their children lớn the clinic for health checks and immunizations on a voluntary basis.

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It must be stressed that most persons who were pneumococcal-vaccinated also had influenza immunization (99 %).

During these years no mass immunization against influenza was conducted in these communities.

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