illusion là gì

Angular size illusions are contrasted with linear size illusions, in which two objects that are the same physical size vì thế not appear so sánh.

She can create illusions in all of the five senses, including illusions of silence and invisibility, and hold them in place with minimal effort.

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However, the normal convention is followed đồ sộ avoid multistable perception illusions (i.e. crater/hill confusion).

This illusion was created đồ sộ emphasize the importance of cultural heritage.

He thinks that fleeing from the absurdity of reality into illusions, religion, or death is not the way out.

Illusions and dreams filled our heads lượt thích a drug.

Neither woman had any illusions about the price they would pay for piracy if caught.

He was, however, conscious that these were illusions.

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We were under no illusions that was one of their chief priorities...

This invocation of nostalgia is seen in terms of illusions.

It's actually an optical illusion designed đồ sộ test your powers of perception.

This impression, combined with the regular rhythm of vertical lines, tricks the mind of the observer, making the painting alive as in an optical illusion.

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It seems that every optical illusion that crops up online claims đồ sộ be trickier than thở the last.

The darker the denim, the more flattering the effect -- although clever use of contoured colours create a slimming, leg-lengthening optical illusion too.

Ladies, in fashion they Call this the "optical illusion dress".