hold tiếng anh là gì

The stadium was built in 1992 and holds 12,000 people.

It has 52432 units of house hold and total area 265.32 km.

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Girders are often held together by high industrial strands.

Two tribute gigs were held in her memory.

She was the first woman lớn hold this position.

Shwa of course couldn't hold back any either.

I try lớn hold back the terror in front of my young family.

I couldn't even hold back my tears while blocking!

We didn't hold back anything when we fought each other.

And even as she tried lớn explain how she felt she fought hard lớn hold back the tears.

The prediction accuracy is determined using cross-validation such as leave-one-out or hold out.

Her toàn thân could not hold out and she fainted.

He said the good parts were good enough lớn hold out the promise for more.

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One officer wrote that he saw: men who were very plucky sit down and cry lượt thích children because the could not hold out.

They can not hold out if an attack is launched.

It is in the late stages of withdrawing from ground it can no longer hold lớn ground it can hold.

To have lớn hold lớn the tiệc ngọt line, and not step outside is just not done anymore.

Society will protect their right lớn bởi sánh and hold lớn trương mục those who disregard our laws.

As the days stretched into weeks and the weeks into months, the boys put their lives on hold lớn be at their mum's side.

But over the long term, it's much harder lớn hold lớn that.

We're not sure if the fans held aloft their scarves or not.

It was a relief lớn spot my name among the placards held aloft at arrivals.

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Peacefully holding aloft banners calling for an over lớn corruption.

The crushed hand is bandaged and held aloft lớn stop the blood rushing down into it and causing more pain.

Night and morning prayers were offered up for the recovery of the stolen land whilst those praying held aloft a handful of sacred soil.