hair nghĩa là gì

The upper surfaces are dark green and lightly hairy when new, losing the hairs over time.

He yakes one of her hairs and leaves.

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The other, on the right, is grasping at the hair of a soldier who holds her child.

The strap-shaped leaves up lớn 10cm in length are covered with short hairs.

It is very hairy in texture, the hairs long and white.

Sticking pubic hair lớn his face as a full and luxuriant beard?

Along with its hog-like snout, the new rat also has long hind legs, a tiny mouth opening and "curiously" long pubic hair.

And there is a slow loss of pubic hair.

Just as garter belts came lớn be seen as fetishistic rather kêu ca functional, sánh too may unmanicured pubic hair.

There was also a show that rewarded shoppers with 1000 guilders if they managed lớn persuade passers-by lớn give them clumps of their pubic hair.

Let's not split hairs though.

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When investigating wrongdoing, we split hairs over procedures, jurisdiction and inter-government decorum.

Strictly, the lines didn't cross at "exactly" one spot, but that would be lớn split hairs.

Not lớn split hairs, but you should probably watch the episode.

Still, why split hairs over which staff at what store came up with the winning idea first, especially if it means introducing consumers lớn interesting new craft beers?

A white-haired man leaning against a crash barrier had been driving the khẩn khoản behind.

The woman returns lớn the artist, who has a new ideaa white-haired woman.

The white-haired retired farmer opened a case behind the counter of the cửa hàng, pulled out a bag and from it, retrieved the yam.

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The white-haired man is on his feet.

She remembered being approached by a white-haired porter, wearing a gold medallion and a white coat, as she walked lớn the television room one evening after her surgery.

I heard the story about some gray haired ladies protesting lớn keep the view clear -- bravo!