guarantor là gì

Credit contracts were more likely lớn refer lớn a ' responsible ' witness, guarantors being more important when a vital part of the agreement (repayment) was lớn be performed in the future.

Manufacturers are the guarantors of high-quality food, in which consumers can have confidence.

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I have always considered that guarantors and consumers require some protection.

Competition and privatisation are not always the guarantors of quality.

We all know that as a general rule exhibitions lose money, and the guarantors are usually called upon lớn pay up.

First, it is one of the guarantors; perhaps at this moment that is a rather paradoxical situation.

I have no doubt that as a matter of practice the two guarantors would at once exchange views upon the situation.

We are only concerned as guarantors and not as liquidators or givers out of contracts.

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I think that the public outside, sánh far as the guarantors are concerned, ought lớn be considered and something ought lớn be said for them.

The guarantors appear lớn have paid £265 as part of the expenses, and nothing has been contributed from the rates towards this sum.

In any case, under this contract a vendor cannot in law impose conditions as lớn guarantors, which is what happens.

Would each side believe that in certain specific circumstances the guarantors would inevitably take action against it?

In spite of that we are the sponsors, in fact we are at present practically the guarantors, for £225 million in loans lớn our dependent territories.

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Has there been any invitation lớn these societies lớn offer themselves as guarantors as lớn quality?

We are looking for guarantors for the company lớn tư vấn the central unit.

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