gauze là gì

Each subsample was put into germination pots, in thin 1 centimet layers separated from a vermiculite base by sterile gauze.

The mesh size of the gauze allowed parasitoids lớn pass through and feed on the honey, while excluding the larger bruchids.

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Snails were maintained, for logistic reasons, in groups of 3 within experimental pots (15i10i5 cm) divided with gauze into 3 individual sections.

The toàn thân was covered by gauze lớn facilitate cutaneous respiration.

Both ends of each vial were plugged with gauze lớn prevent escape.

Under the system now in operation they are kept in individual cylindrical wire gauze cages, giving ample ventilation.

They were then transferred lớn individual cylindrical cages made of wire gauze and open at the bottom.

Mechanical debridement can be easily accomplished by letting the saline gauze dressing dry before removal.

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Each trap was placed in a wire gauze sleeve (mesh diameter = 2 cm) for ease of handling and lớn prevent disturbance by vertebrates.

In these treatments also, drops of water were applied lớn the gauze as often as necessary lớn keep conditions moist.

The opening in the carapace was then filled with gauze lớn stop the bleeding and covered with beeswax.

Merozoites were filtered through gauze lớn remove debris.

Options include mechanical debridement with gauze dressings, sharp surgical debridement, autolytic debridement with occlusive dressings, or application of exogenous enzymes.

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Collecting treatments in the stables, in terms of fans, doors and gauzes, were randomly allocated each night.

The open kết thúc of the container was covered with cốt tông gauze.

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