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Thus, they discovered various fungal organisms associated with spear rot and bud rot symptoms.

The question remains whether the processing of the fungal material in 1997 influenced the biology and/or trapping-efficacy of the fungus under laboratory conditions.

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It seems lớn be clear that the highest larval reduction percentage in faecal cultures is related lớn the maximum elimination of fungal material into faeces.

Seasonal variation in atmospheric concentration of fungal spores has been documented for some moulds in several geographical locations.

The cytochalasins are fungal products that prevent actin from polymerising by binding lớn the plus over of the filaments.

Thus, some environmental differences, such as fungal attack or soil moisture, vì thế not seem lớn influence this process of seed viability loss.

A large number of trapping nets were produced in all fungal strains.

These anomalies are attributed lớn microbial activity, especially fungal growth, which was clearly visible.

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The induction of seed chitinases by fungal attack has been demonstrated in some monocot species during both maturation and germination.

Fungal sepsis in our dataset was associated with the highest mortality and a wide range of organ dysfunction, particularly respiratory and renal.

Changes in soil fungal:bacterial biomass ratios following reductions in the intensity of management of an upland grassland.

Continuous lines are biomass densities in the situation where both fungal types can be present.

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The termites utilize the fungal nodules and the fungus combs are degraded by the fungi.

A putative role for chitinase in muskmelon seeds is defence against fungal pathogens.

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