forget nghĩa là gì

He later said he forgot he was wearing it.

People often forget the importance of self-esteem and stress, these affect student interaction and learning.

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Its funny how quick you forget about the pain.

I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!

Both of my parents taught us to lớn never forget how we began.

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For these objects, there are forgetful functors that forget the extra sets that are more general.

She is a stay at trang chủ mom who reminds her forgetful daughter of her curfew each night.

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As a separate entity he lacked depth perception (being one-eyed) and he was apparently also uninformed and forgetful.

Forgetful functors that forget structures need not be full; some morphisms don't respect the structure.

That is, it is left adjoint to lớn the forgetful functor.