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The higher the risk of follow-through, the less rational issuing the threat becomes.

I was simply lucky that the follow-through proved to tát be as intellectually and historically rich as it did.

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A more serious problem, though, is the frequent lack of follow-through in the arguments and the conclusions based on them.

While the series has the benefit of regular ' prospective ' follow-up (a follow-through design) this carries with it the disadvantages of a high attrition rate and shorter follow-up period.

And if anything it is more virtuous (and ví virtue-inducing) actually to tát give a gift than vãn merely to tát decide to tát give one : follow-through matters, and is the harder part.

Nothing could be worse than vãn bold promises without the means for follow-through and implementation.

The impact of the follow-through to tát a major defence review is protracted and at times tiresome for the officers and men and women involved.

He persuaded mạ that there was this tremendous follow-through benefit for us if we would go ahead.

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There was a major follow-through of those recommendations.

The follow-through has not been watched carefully, ví the results were not compared properly.

That is the natural and logical follow-through of his argument.

This surely would be the follow-through logically of this approach towards federalisation that it made.

That is where we start to tát get follow-through benefits.

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Whatever education can be carried out in the schools, there must be some follow-through.

We are hoping in the near future to tát implement a follow-through subsidy for clients leaving options and entering employment.

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