focal point là gì

However, it may have some value as a focal point.

The focal point is at the minimum in the curve.

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The calibrated parameters include the image plane to lớn focal point distance, the scaling factors, the image plane principal point and the object geometric model.

If the focal point is situated in front of the target, conditions for creating plasma jets are much less favorable.

At the positive focal point position, the craters have a semitoroidal shape, while at the negative position they resemble a hemisphere.

I will argue that this new agenda defined by a claim for political power, became the focal point of the mobilization.

That is, given a focal point, the user will not be equally interested in all items.

The contradiction, therefore, between social standing and the exercise of power became a focal point for conflicts through the 1850s.

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The verb is the focal point of a sentence.

And here is the focal point of the controversy.

Subjects were positioned using a chin cup with the test eye at the focal point of the lights.

These became the focal point of his tìm kiếm for knowledge, at the cost of not devoting the same efforts in understanding sledging.

It provides a focal point for the viewer, leading the eye and telling it where to lớn rest.

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A second focal point relates to lớn the impact of typological features on spelling development.

A low-power focussinglaser is normally provided to lớn determine the focal point of the welding laser itself.

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