fizzy là gì

Tobacco, người yêu thích belts and accessories were edged aside by food and drink - chocolate bars and fizzy drinks at first, sandwiches and coffee later.

Is effervescent more frequent than thở fizzy?

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Would champagne be ví successful if it was just another fizzy wine?

Children are often forced vĩ đại drink fizzy drinks simply because there is no alternative.

Some products are fine, but others are junk food and fizzy drinks.

Many parents use sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks vĩ đại buy good behaviour from their children.

Let us have satire which will be lượt thích champagne and not lượt thích fizzy lemonade laced with vinegar.

They should drink wine rather than thở any of the commercial variants of sugary, fizzy lemonade and other sweet drinks.

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I started by referring vĩ đại a temporary cork in a fizzy bottle.

How does one define the dry weight of a fizzy drink, beer or wine?

There is some public awareness developing around the relationship between the consumption, for example, by children of fizzy drinks and behaviour problems.

That is why these days only very few drinks—usually fizzy, alcoholic drinks—are supplied in returnable bottles.

Thousands of children start the day with a fizzy drink and chocolate bar and learn less well.

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There are alternatives such as fizzy and natural water.

Children should not be prevented from buying fizzy drinks, but they should be encouraged towards better alternatives, providing fresh water is available.

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