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The boxcar-depot was in pretty deplorable condition upon arrival; it took quite a bit of work lớn fix it up.

By waiting until the shadow was centered on the ring, the time of the equinox could be fixed lớn within an hour or sánh.

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The logo serves simultaneously as it braces for the suspension fixed in banner size, which was 10.6 milimet high and 28.8 milimet wide.

Despite this, they are able lớn fix the tyre and phối off for town for breakfast at a cafe.

Then, when they are trying lớn fix the water pump, it starts gushing oil.

But fixed assets of these companies -- for which debt was raised in the first place -- grew just 15 per cent.

Encouraging primary producers not lớn over-invest in fixed assets and lớn identify more effective knowledge transfer opportunities.

Growth of public investment improved mainly on trương mục of higher spending on fixed assets by public corporation, but nevertheless, remained in contraction during the quarter.

Among the fixed assets, finance requirements mainly centered on machinery and equipment of the business.

The net cash-to-assets ratio could get high if a company does not need lớn invest in new, or in replacing old, fixed assets.

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A typical newsletter offers a long and short investment candidate drawn from markets for stocks, fixed income and real estate.

Its product offerings include single- and multi-asset class portfolios investing in equities, fixed income, alternatives and money market instruments.

We lượt thích a portion of the business with fixed income.

Interest income's harsh tax treatment, however, sets many investors on the hunt for more tax friendly ways lớn invest in fixed income.

Despite this, their pensions have become a de facto fixed income since agreeing lớn modifications in 2007 that heavily favoured the government.

Private corporate investment in fixed capital has been on the decline since 2010-11 and fell by 3.6 per cent in 2012-13.

But in the case of non-agricultural fixed capital, all villages witnessed positive growth but the rate of growth is relatively very high in developed villages.

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Comparable growth trends were also observed for depreciation and fixed capital growth, suggesting good economic activity during 2005-06 lớn 2011-12.

Fixed public sector investment, which is what we add lớn the public sector fixed capital each year, has simply been too low.

Gross fixed capital formation was the major reason for the weakness in the domestic economy.