exhibitor là gì

Unlike a prosecution for obscenity, a censorship proceeding assigns the burden of proof vĩ đại the exhibitor or distributor.

Estimates of the minimum percentage of subjects infected in the group of highly exposed and less exposed exhibitors.

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We assumed that the titre distribution in exhibitors at the outbreak site before being exposed was similar vĩ đại that of the general population.

With reference vĩ đại the problematically 'cowardly disposition' of the rabbit/workingclass man, the military apparatus of the street exhibitor's birds demands comment.

The organisers of the sự kiện are welcoming exhibitors and those interested in presenting papers vĩ đại liên hệ them.

However, the exhibitors were mostly working for firms or were volunteers for organizations residing in the region where the fair was held.

Anticipating a profit, many exhibitors showed the film.

They wanted vĩ đại ensure the respectability that came from not having a production censored, and they wanted vĩ đại reassure the exhibitors of its noncontroversial quality.

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Other reasons given were the loss of face it was felt the thành phố would encounter, and the apparent rudeness vĩ đại the exhibitors.

He also found that clearance provisions stipulating when exhibitors could show movies stifled competition and restricted the exhibitors' ability vĩ đại compete.

Through ownership of theaters or block-booking agreements, which required exhibitors vĩ đại rent several movies from a studio vĩ đại secure the rental of a desired film, they also controlled exhibitions.

Moreover, we surmise from the local character of the firms and organizations presenting themselves at the fair that most exhibitors were not working on exhibitions on a daily basis.

Those exhibitors have always pleaded poverty, with a certain amount of justification.

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I am sure that great sighs of relief will be heaved by many ordinary exhibitors.

At that time the distributors and exhibitors felt that the people in the south would not understand the film.

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