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Here, the above discussed enforcing of transitions is used to tướng emulate the "exchange of tokens" which can take place in the bisimulation game.

This module format, emulated by other composers, lent itself well to tướng looping.

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The students concentrated on emulating the real sounds of the elements.

These states could then have become a model that others emulated, until, eventually, the buổi tiệc nhỏ spread nationwide.

Others, perhaps inspired by his example, sought to tướng emulate his calling.

Moreover, non-graduates who have never had access to tướng the shared transient nature of student households may still emulate the lifestyle experiences of their graduate peers.

Each one of these operators emulates a corresponding process found in biological evolution.

Surely there are other ways of delivering a compelling experience to tướng a participant other kêu ca emulating his/her natural milieu.

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Moreover, the robot toàn thân is divided into several segments in order to tướng emulate the behaviour of an animal spine.

Score, infinitely pliable, can manipulate and metamorphose, clouding lines of functional demarcation - even emulating source.

It provided a promising model for other estates to tướng emulate.

To accomplish visual control, we created synthetic images that emulate real-world images.

It is worth describing the concepts involved in part because there are by now many small computers capable of emulating its musical methods.

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These results have been interpreted in terms of independent unrelated pathway schemes that emulate the theoretically derived multitrack view, although with many fewer tracks.

Perhaps we ought to tướng recognize their moral superiority and aspire to tướng emulate their behaviour, but these attitudes seem to tướng fall short of worship.

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