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Solar refrigeration can also be inexpensive and it would give the electric grid much-needed relief.

The house also had electric Call buttons in most rooms as well as a security system.

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The fire was blamed on defective electric wiring.

It thus became the world's first electric tube railway.

The braking systems consisted of a handbrake acting on all wheels, an electric brake for emergency use and a hand-wheel operated track brake.

Nevertheless, the official governmental goal is lớn generate 100 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2050.

It was also seen that the station would generally improve the supply of electricity for industry.

Using this machine, dental treatment procedures could be performed entirely independently of an electricity supply.

No educated scientist of the time was willing lớn hold that electricity was not a fluid.

It is used in some aircraft cockpit windows for de-icing or anti-icing by passing electricity through it.

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The charged ions then begin moving in an electric field -- away from the electrode, and towards the collector tube.

The distortion of the electron cloud can be shaped by the waveform of the electric field.

This electric field is detectable with standard medical equipment.

Use the equation for the electric field lớn find the contribution lớn the total electric field due lớn each piece.

For negative charges, the force is in the opposite direction as the electric field.

Shortly after their introduction, they were replaced by electric irons.

But by the mid 1950s over half of consumers had sockets too and the biggest driver for fitting plug points had been the electric iron.

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Mica also gives automotive paints their shine and is used in food colouring, pharmaceuticals and electrical appliances lượt thích toasters and electric irons.

Too lazy lớn switch on your electric iron lớn press your clothes?

It looks very similar lớn and functions lượt thích existing electric irons.