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Nevertheless, teaching team building and communication skills requires an opportunity vĩ đại practice these skills in vivo in the educational setting.

The remarkable flexibility of most educational software discourages assessment of the impact in teaching and learning.

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Partly vĩ đại meet this demand, widespread educational reform was undertaken.

Use does not, however, affect all aspects of a person's educational experience.

Any educational activity would become part of a broader design-based programme, not particularly performing arts-oriented.

We also wanted vĩ đại identify perceptions of organic producers about on-farm research and identify the educational impact of the participatory variety evaluation process.

The question of life or death is of a magnitude far above the question of educational options.

Adjusted for age, educational level, living alone, employment status and presence of disease.

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Moreover, educational level differed significantly across all three groups.

Opinions differed as only one single, significant issue: the importance of the educational nội dung versus the teaching strategies forms used.

Class, defined by educational level, is a key dimension of difference.

Rather, one needs vĩ đại accept that immersion pedagogy is located in a range of sociopolitical, cultural, economic, and educational debates.

Such a theory stresses the transformative and educational possibilities of architecture.

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Population ageing and the rising educational level of those reaching old age go some way vĩ đại explain this phenomenon.

These findings have substantial implications for models of spelling development and for educational practice.

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