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Ví dụ về phong thái dùng

According to lớn the diagram, the number of…rose sharply between…and…, before plunging back down to lớn its original level.

Như rất có thể thấy vô biểu đồ dùng, số/lượng... tăng nhanh chóng kể từ... cho tới... tiếp sau đó tụt mạnh và xoay quay về nút ban sơ.

to break sth down

giải mến điều gì một cơ hội giản dị và đơn giản rộng lớn

to settle down with a house and a job

to turn sth down

từ chối một địa điểm việc làm

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

The film was sold with images of a man flushing himself down the toilet.

The population was 11,449 at the 2010 census, down from 11,536 at the 2000 census.

The regular season was wide open as playoff positioning went right down to lớn the final game on the schedule.

We're staying put here, but we are pinned down.

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Lying down in the middle of a road, he waited for a vehicle to lớn lập cập him over.

Shock the generator and the key will drop down.

You can respond to lớn events, reply to lớn messages, and interact with alerts right from the lock screen and drop down thực đơn.

Drop down on the ground and roll yourself ví that the fire does not spread.

If a team gets the first pick twice, it can just drop down one spot the second year.

The shared desktop shrinks back and the drop down thực đơn bar appears.

The band first formed in a run-down music house that was going to lớn be demolished during their time there.

As the mills closed, the area became very run-down.

The building became increasingly run-down and was also too small for its purpose.

They find the inherited ranch being a run-down shack.

The music đoạn Clip features all band members performing in an old, run-down house.

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