disproportionately là gì

We concentrate poor people in particular areas because of the lack of social housing, and that disproportionately affects people from Đen and minority ethnic communities.

However, if one is patient and goes through the learning journey, performance is disproportionately improved.

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Do they know how this disproportionately affects children and families of color?

But the people who can be mobilized on the basis of that single issue are disproportionately on one side.

We went behind motorcycles since the market was growing disproportionately, but we also continued to tát invest and stay focused on scooters.

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Strategically, coarse or belittling retorts to tát hecklers entails personal risk disproportionate to tát any gain.

She is disproportionate to tát the architecture in her panel, but approximately proportional to tát the figures in the wings.

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The changes in housing benefit have been critised for having a disproportionate impact on disabled families.

Disproportionate numbers of women are affected by poorer health outcomes and the issue of poverty worsens women's health conditions.

Again, switching tốc độ is a critical factor since the slowest-switching device will have to tát withstand a disproportionate share of the overall voltage.