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The qualitative nature of the discussion in the text does not depend on having only one person.

What the present reviewer misses most are detailed qualitative analyses and theoretical discussions.

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There are three major groups under discussion here: actualization conditionals, inferential conditionals, and purely case-specifying conditionals (each type is then subdivided into numerous subtypes).

In addition, the dielectric constant in the pore region should be mix vĩ đại 1 where the water molecules are represented explicitly (but see discussion below).

We replaced one of the scheduled formal discussions with two parallel informal discussions in the day room vĩ đại explore the impact of context.

There is also discussion of issues surrounding the quality of data.

The chapter on data processing addresses these issues with a detailed discussion of the issues surrounding spot quantitation and data normalization.

In the discussion which follows, we will use the phrase ' depends on ' in a technical sense.

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Three discussions with small groups all took place on different days.

This sometimes involves ideas related vĩ đại symbolic value, but the discussion of these is beyond the purview of this paper.

Before that, however, the discussion should be placed in the wider context of the universal mechanisms in symbolic healing.

More generally, greater synthesis of research findings and more explicit discussion of explanatory theories and concepts would have strengthened the value of the book.

I shall conclude this discussion by examining this theoretical knot.

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Individual interviews were conducted with two participants vĩ đại explore themes and issues raised during discussions which they did not attend.

Several themes following from the prior discussion can now be summarized in terms of their implications for economic growth.

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