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Disciplinary measures were used including fines for pupils caught speaking the dialect on school campus.

The literature reviews give manageable starting places for grounding such research projects in a variety of disciplinary conversations.

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In exchange for this sponsorship, scholars risked compromising their disciplinary integrity.

A discipline which is fragmented is less likely to tát act as part of the ' disciplinary ' apparatus.

The church's disciplinary zeal on the question of material goods also extended to tát less spiritual and more political aspects of convent life.

Alongside that extraordinary category of rights, we must work even harder to tát take academic responsibility and enforce upon ourselves disciplinary rules and community-defined ethics.

And their disciplinary position has encouraged them to tát bởi this in ways unfamiliar to tát many historians working in more conventional university departments.

The authors' undertaking has all the merits of initiating a debate about the limits of different disciplinary methodologies.

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We argued that the novelty of self-organization in the natural and psychological sciences and the translation of concepts across disciplinary boundaries were partly to tát blame.

This preoccupation with graphics appears to tát be nothing short of disciplinary idiosyncrasy.

This last condition is particularly important: to tát avoid too-easy criticisms of assumptions, those assumptions have to tát conform to tát disciplinary standards.

The real-life disciplinary episode occurred two days before the pretend play episode.

The distance between the levels of disciplinary communication and of scientific communities increased during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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The disciplinary strengths of the authors are evident throughout what is essentially an anthropology of a unique resistance movement crossing lines of ethnicity and religion.

It also maintains the embedded disciplinary frame through reference to tát the prior text of a real life disciplinary frame.

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