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First, let us briefly consider the effects of symbolic orientations and demographic characteristics.

The classical tomography approach requires many pictures of the same particles tilted into different orientations.

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I have outlined three forms of relationships đồ sộ represent the orientations of children's improvisations and compositions.

Interactional sequences are therefore linked đồ sộ participant orientations and goals.

The three basic component orientations are not considered as independent of one another and their mutual orthogonality is taken into tài khoản in the equations.

A model-based approach for determining orientations of biological macromolecules imaged by cryoelectron microscopy.

There are, in fact, a few hints pointing at this diversity of intellectual orientations.

The kinematic calibration thus becomes a procedure of fine-tuning the locations and orientations of the local frames.

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At any time instant, the relative positions, orientations and velocities can be used đồ sộ compute the total stiffness and damping forces acting at each node.

Molecules that are not spherical are averaged over all orientations.

Pre-crisis ideological allegiances and the historical performance records of the rival policy orientations determine baseline preferences.

The discourse structure typically establishes two stances or orientations đồ sộ nội dung - one relatively authoritative and historical, and the other resolutely personal and local.

Other approaches associate particular capabilities with particular state orientations and/or aspirations.

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The figure contains two types of squares, one type involving a black-to-gray gradient, and the other a white-to-gray gradient, in different diagonal orientations.

Note that columnar structure in the selective responses for cardinal and oblique orientations appear đồ sộ emerge simultaneously.

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