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Ultimately, the public health concern was taken into tài khoản without requiring any redistribution đồ sộ the detriment of industrial use.

Much medical education still focuses predominantly on drug treatment, and commercial interests continue đồ sộ fuel this đồ sộ the detriment of non-drug treatments.

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The two approaches have been on increasingly divergent paths for several decades, đồ sộ their mutual detriment and despite overlapping areas of inquiry.

Regrettably, some anthropologists have begun đồ sộ silence their own voices, ostensibly đồ sộ create spaces for indigenous voices, but ultimately đồ sộ everyone's detriment.

Alternatively, the benefit đồ sộ others justifies the (lesser) detriment suffered by the individual.

The industry was composed of small, highly flexible units - đồ sộ its advantage and detriment.

Indeed, she charges that much feminist representation has privileged gender đồ sộ the detriment of race and class.

The result was an emphasis on technical issues, perhaps in some cases đồ sộ the detriment of the development of the music itself.

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Yet concentrating on appearance rather than thở substance is đồ sộ the detriment of architectural debate.

Responsibility for provision of care and, in particular, funding has dominated debate đồ sộ the detriment of considering explicit health and social aspects of care.

To the learners' detriment, this practice still seems đồ sộ be based on translation, teacher dominance and learner dependence.

There is a very clear cut detriment in margins until 2001.

Subject overload caused the trainees đồ sộ prioritise đồ sộ the detriment or benefit of musikdidaktik.

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Of course this still might be đồ sộ the detriment of women.

The prevailing attitude that all experimental data must be statistically analyzed đồ sộ be of any value is also a detriment đồ sộ integrated research.

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