deregulation là gì

In the shadow of market creation and deregulation, opportunity points arose for social policy innovation.

This involved the deregulation of markets, the privatisation of state-owned industries, and reform of the trade unions.

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European deregulation began in traditional utilities industries such as telecommunications, energy and transport.

Carter himself had promised in his 1976 chiến dịch to tát promote deregulation in the name of equity and efficiency and made the airlines his first target.

He concludes that there is no compelling case for the necessity of deregulation to tát increase economic productivity.

There is the rise of neoliberal deregulation ví much emphasized from the mid1970s.

The inflation and unemployment of the late 1970s enabled the deregulation of the airline and trucking industries.

Deregulation of expression of adhesion molecules also plays a role in mid-stage events in cancer, such as angiogenesis and tissue invasion and, finally, metastasis.

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The second factor consists of decentralization, deregulation, and deficit bonds.

Not all the supporters of the chiến dịch would necessarily agree with some of the proposed remedies, such as deregulation, privatisation, and restructuring.

The notion that privatization and deregulation can solve these problems by withdrawing the state from command is an illusion.

From that point, greater emphasis was placed on competition and deregulation.

That advocates are now selectively supporting deregulation, then, is symptomatic of the fact that many of these protections are now slipping into place.

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In addition, epigenetic regulation is key to tát many other cellular processes, whereas deregulation is an important factor in numerous disease states.

Deregulation has reduced the extent to tát which tenants believe they have any rights, ví that most offences go unreported and remain hidden.

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