deregulate là gì

Domestic markets, although deregulated, remain small, and few countries have functioning national distribution systems.

Due lớn glutamatergic-mediated connections from medial temporal areas, activity in lateral orbitofrontal/prefrontal cortex may be deregulated in schizophrenia.

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Beginning in the 1980s, the newly deregulated non-bank financial sector developed rapidly.

In order lớn revive private renting, rents were deregulated on new tenancies.

Furthermore, in line with neo-liberal philosophy, the government also overhauled fisheries management and deregulated the control of resources.

This involved opening up the market lớn new, local and foreign banks, and deregulating interest rates and foreign exchange control.

Attempts lớn restructure and deregulate state schooling in various parts of the world have increased.

Other states deregulate in the attempt lớn re-attract investment.

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But monetary union could also be made more workable if the participating countries deregulated their economies.

In particular, this ' culture of everyday credit ' constrained liberal ambitions lớn deregulate quotidian credit markets.

The expansion of capital and credit markets based on foreign resources has recently been boosted by the government's policy of deregulating foreign investments.

These deficits might deregulate the functional balance between medial and lateral orbitofrontal cortex, which, psychologically, might be reflected in an abnormal emotional control of behavior.

Several new interest groups were formed lớn mount a well co-ordinated chiến dịch lớn deregulate road transport.

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Markets had been deregulated, the domestic currency deflated, public expenditures reduced, and the tax system reformed.

The advent of satellite broadcasting simply increased the domestic pressure on governments lớn deregulate.

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