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Toy and teacup are not breeds of schnauzer, but these common terms are used to lớn market undersized or ill-bred miniature schnauzers.

The result is what we have today: a society saturated with ill-bred youths and teenagers with little or no moral commonsense.

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You are busy showing how ill-bred you are.

This was the reason that led those ill-bred mobsters to lớn repeat what they did.

Unfortunately, being a bunch of ill-bred colonials, the researchers were ignorant enough to lớn use educational attainment as their measure of class for this experiment.

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Refined cuisine could be moralized as a sign of either civilized progress or decadent decline.

He urged parents to lớn talk candidly with their children about the dangers of performance-enhancing substances, but to lớn avoid moralizing.

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The author had included moralizing passages in verse, left out in subsequent versions in which they were progressively suppressed.

A successful politics on the left must eschew moralizing.

The nội dung slowly moved away from moralizing and socializing towards a more fact-based approach.