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Cooper 1989 proposes asking a number of questions about language policy.

Cooper chose not to tát interview large numbers of men for fear of losing the trust of her women informants.

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Cooper is absolutely right to tát warn us not to tát over-emphasize the data collected by colonial officials.

Cooper devotes much time to tát the careful analysis of particular strikes, conflicts and policy watersheds where these issues get repeatedly hammered out.

Cooper also devotes considerable attention to tát eighteenth-century precursors.

Cooper's paper is another one which presents fascinating and little-known data.

Cooper compared the recommendations of eight different medical societies.

Cooper points out that vernacular prayers and official homilies were a sườn of propaganda aimed at a mass audience.

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Cooper et al. (pp. 873-880) focus on early onset eating disorder in children.

Cooper (1982) draws an analogous inference.

Cooper's novel, however, remained special.

Cooper et al.39 reported two cases.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of coopers employed in the breweries of this country.

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Like the coopers, once lost to tát the trade—a very specialised trade—these farmers will be reluctant to tát change back.

The possible retraining of the coopers as joiners or carpenters is being discussed with the trade unions.

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