connoisseurs là gì

He understood little of the art of government at which he remained an aesthete rather kêu ca a connoisseur despite a quarter century of rule.

What happens when contexts change, when commercial entertainment and print replace the court or an exclusive circle of connoisseurs?

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It was one thing đồ sộ be a connoisseur and another đồ sộ be a practitioner.

They carried themselves offhandedly, lượt thích connoisseurs and braggarts.

Ceremonies and feasts are an occasion đồ sộ taste wines and đồ sộ discuss wine among connoisseurs.

It emerged where it allowed particular wines đồ sộ join aristocratic segments with connoisseur information systems đồ sộ constitute quality wine markets.

The young chief executive, who relished the centralized authority, became a connoisseur of power.

This points đồ sộ a circle of connoisseurs who, alone, could have appreciated such provocative effects.

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Possibly this is because the virtuosi did not always think or behave in ways that one might expect from a connoisseur.

We historians are indeed connoisseurs of contingency, but we are also connoisseurs of narrative structure.

A circumstance that the public will perhaps learn with pleasure should render this music precious đồ sộ true connoisseurs.

Not the money and title of the great, not even the worthy praise of the connoisseur, is as pleasing a reward as the voice of an entire nation.

As a consequence, art was increasingly available đồ sộ all, rather kêu ca being restricted đồ sộ a small group of connoisseurs who had access đồ sộ private collections, galleries and select performances.

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Artist or model, connoisseur or clown, he or she served as a conduit for the subversive ambivalence that must attend all genuine artistic experience, however benign or controlled.

These prints, from which so sánh much was expected, were not only cheaper and readily available, but of a dramatically lower quality kêu ca the kinds connoisseurs had admired for centuries.

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