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The lion's share of the network did not follow existing routes.

However, rayon and paper units are the two major industries that consume a lion's share of forest resources.

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At that time, children's services took the lion's share of qualified social workers and, outside hospitals, older people received little service from qualified social workers.

Here we have two lions with identical dynamic properties, but only one has functions.

Higher income groups have secured the lion's share of benefits and subsidies in key sectors such as education, health and pensions provision.

The military still receives the lion's share of state resources.

About thirty percent of the utterances has a discontinuous finite predicate, and simple finite utterances trang điểm the lion's share (around 70 %) of the corpora.

However, the lion's share of the guarantee value is associated with the really bad 0 % state.

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The more information obtained on lions the more we see that their social structure and behaviour is quite unique.

At first glance the lion's earn themselves a reputation of being lazy.

In times of little or no food the largest and strongest lions will eat, this behaviour means that the cubs and the weak will starve.

When a group of bachelors try to tát usurp a resident male's territory and females the lions display agnostic behaviourism.

From mediaeval times, the sovereign and his or her principal ministers have consulted with the judges, those" lions under the throne".

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Taxes size the lion's share of the revenue that pays for our publicly provided welfare services.

Maybe more obviously, predators such as lions and other large cats cause a great loss of livestock in tropical and grassland regions.

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