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The second sector comprises resource harvesting, which is undertaken with constant returns to tướng scale to tướng labour and to tướng the resource stock.

Those who reported having a partner at both time points comprised the control group.

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The field comprised a mosaic of conventionally-tilled and rye-mulched plots, surrounded by fields of maize, soybeans, alfalfa hoặc and mixed hardwood forest.

The trap and its surrounding plots comprise a census station.

The first is symbolic tokens, the prime example of which is money, whilst the second comprises expert systems and technical knowledge and trust.

The sample comprised 354 first-episode psychosis patients followed up 12-months after remission/stabilization of their psychotic symptoms.

Ultimately the edition will comprise forty-four volumes in its six series.

Each entry in the glossary comprises a short definition of the term, its variants (if any), a geographical label and an explanation of its origin.

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The first category comprised single phrase utterances, minimally containing a preposition and a noun.

For each child's session, coding and analysis were conducted on samples that comprised a constant number of 120 utterances.

Reciprocal food-sharing relationships comprised 26 of the 84 household dyads (11 pairs of households in the core and 2 pairs of core-periphery households).

Economic work is dedicated to tướng achieving the orderly temporal sequence and the separation of economist and model that comprises the structure of the article.

The prices on each activity depended more on a billing structure kêu ca the true labor and material that comprised the activity.

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The experimental treatments comprised all combinations of the maize and peas cultivars and their respective sole crops, giving eight treatments.

The presence of genetically diverse phylloxera with strong vine host associations suggests that populations of this insect may be comprised of host 'specialists'.

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