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This may lead to lớn secondary prevention of the psychiatric chronicity and comorbidity commonly seen in maltreated children.

No clear pattern was evident that suggested specific associations between particular attachment cognitions and symptomatology, possibly due to lớn comorbidity in the sample.

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Therefore, future studies with larger samples are required to lớn investigate the relation of adverse childhood experiences to lớn more complex patterns of comorbidity.

Eating disorders and comorbidity : empirical, conceptual, and clinical implications.

A controlled family study of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa : psychiatric disorders in first-degree relatives and effects of proband comorbidity.

Another possible explanation is that a specific comorbidity pattern accounted for the facilitating effect on diagnosing depression in patients with concomitant chronic somatic disease.

Thus, doctors and nurses will not discriminate against elderly persons, but comorbidity in old age was associated with negative prioritization attitudes.

Yet comorbidity that is mischaracterized may misdirect therapeutic efforts and reduce treatment efficacy.

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While the cause of this excess comorbidity is unknown, there are several hypothesized explanations.

Parental comorbidity and disorders in offspring of opioid addicts.

Quantifying psychiatric comorbidity : lessons from chronic disease epidemiology.

Psychiatric co-morbidity was present in just over half of the depressed patients, about the same prevalence rate as chronic somatic comorbidity.

Frequent comorbidity of crying and laughter suggests related brain mechanisms for the two acts.

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Untangling the concepts of disability, frailty, and comorbidity : implications for improved targeting and care.

Also, comorbidity could be a function of the categorical nature of our classification system.

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