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The pompous impersonality of officialese also, of course, allows the civil servant đồ sộ hide behind the monolithic structure of his organisation.

The head of the civil service, a senior civil servant, is the secretary đồ sộ the cabinet.

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The fact is that by mid-century, the charismatic hero-expert was already being supplanted by a decidedly different breed of the civil servant.

It would be someone else's responsibility (the politician or the civil servant) đồ sộ develop the policy concerned and đồ sộ make it ready for implementation.

Hierarchies are rigid when it comes đồ sộ the approval of the drafts and proposals prepared by a civil servant (fonctionnaire).

In 1991 the government passed landmark legislation that created the figure of the permanent civil servant.

If transposition does not produce personal incentives for the civil servant, delays in transposition can result.

No civil servant, no matter how exalted his rank, questioned the royal prerogative đồ sộ entertain such direct appeals and đồ sộ act on them.

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Now, for a civil servant, positions of power provide the only means of coming into any kind of wealth.

The local authority manages but does not administer the communal civil servant.

The 1932 women include 5 teachers, 4 nurses, a radiographer, a secretary, a school meals organizer and a civil servant.

When you are in the confining position of public civil servant, there are many restrictions.

If a civil servant knows that he cannot be fired for his actions, he faces little risk in resisting the president's preferred policies.

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This civil servant supported the programme, but only because it was national law.

Lack of care could also affect the relationship a civil servant had with members of the public.

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