chief of staff là gì

A report đồ sộ the chief of staff and my chairman resulted in my loss of hospital privileges, and a report đồ sộ the medical board.

In 1935, he became army chief of staff.

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The scenario the chief of staff is constructing has relevance for the current situation.

After the 1879 reorganization, the gendarmerie became a police organization under the command of the chief of staff.

Nothing ví starkly demonstrates this as the alleged intervention by the chief of staff when one of the units was within sight of complete success.

The former chief of staff, despite his late-in-the-day commitment đồ sộ the rebellion, found himself in the enviable position of being the only recipient of all foreign aid.

In a war operation you have your chief of staff, and branches of your staff under him.

We also have every sympathy with his chief of staff, who has had đồ sộ face the same problem.

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We bởi not say that the chief of staff will announce which enemy country he intends đồ sộ attack.

Does the list include the chief of staff?

That was the view of the chief of staff, not mine.

What would be the situation when we were attempting đồ sộ choose the chief of staff of an international air force?

No serious chief of staff would entertain that military scenario.

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A chief of staff or a commander-in-chief cannot be headhunted from outside the service.

What is wanted is a chief of staff.

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