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Chapter 1 examines mental health inquires from the personal perspective of an inquiry chairperson and also draws together the views of nine chairs of inquiries.

A cover letter instructed the director to lớn forward the instrument to lớn the chairperson of the hospital's ethics committee.

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In this case, to lớn make the chiefs chairpersons of the new land allocation committees seems misconceived.

The committee consists of a chairperson, a vice chairperson, and 18 members.

The perspectives of an inquiry chairperson, family members and patients and staff are given.

The lead officers, chairpersons and local authority staff, were, it would seem, sometimes unaware of the views of their voluntary sector members.

The chair is advised to lớn assign a chairperson for each subsection.

Additionally, the panel chairperson was experienced in that role, having served in a previous consensus conference, and the panel "met" by conference gọi a month before the conference.

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Subsequently, the guideline advisory committee validates the evidence and positions taken, leading to lớn revision and final approval by the chairperson in consultation with the expert panel.

At the kết thúc of a lengthy debate on the matter, the chairperson asked bầm for my views.

It is surely vital that they retain the capability, based on informed knowledge, to lớn outvote the chairperson if they so sánh choose.

Now, all the chairpersons have the same opportunity to lớn present their arguments.

Why was the schedule not discussed in detail with the chairpersons, and even perhaps with the directors, before it was finalised?

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The present term of office of the chairperson should be instantly teminated if the chair has not the grace to lớn resign in the meantime.

Why should not the committees, as the legislation says, elect their own chairperson?

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