centrifuge là gì

In the case of extensive blood loss, blood wash devices based on centrifuges can be used.

The method is simple because vortex tubes have no moving parts, but energy intensive, about 50 times greater than thở gas centrifuges.

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Feed containing liquid and solid materials is introduced into vertical screen scroll centrifuge from the top.

The heavier molecules will segregate đồ sộ the bottom of the centrifuge while the lighter molecules will segregate đồ sộ the top of the centrifuge.

The complex also included factories producing steel, aluminum, and centrifuges.

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In the centrifugal casting technique the radius of the rotation, along which the centrifugal force acts, replaces the vertical axis.

Crystallization can then be induced from this supersaturated solution and the resultant pure crystals removed by such methods as vacuum filtration and centrifugal separators.

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This is due đồ sộ the high centrifugal forces exerted on the wheel when it goes round corners.

The real life implementations of such devices are e.g. marine and aviation propellers, windmills, helicopter rotors, centrifugal pumps, wind turbines, turbochargers and chemical agitators.

A gas-lled hollow core is then formed along the centerline inside the injector due đồ sộ centrifugal force of the liquid sheet.