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The history of this trade and that in carpets proceeded in somewhat comparable manner.

Having wellfitting, carpeted stairs, in a good state of repair, was contrasted with problems that can occur with, for example, polished wooden stairs.

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Echoes of it are in the decoration of the furniture, in the carpets, the drapes and soft furnishings.

Next, we describe some parameters of the self-affine carpets that will appear in the dimension formulae below.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists know that danger follows changes made in otherwise familiar surroundings : chairs moved, corners of carpets rolled up for cleaning, a visitor trailing the flex whilst vacuuming.

What about a patient who would only look - and keep looking - at the profusion of objects surrounding him, asking questions about carpets, chairs, or paintings on the wall?

They are filled with unhealthy cheap materials: for example, carpets that give off chemicals known for their carcinogens and the copious use of medium mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa fibreboard.

Moreover, contamination of indoor household surfaces such as carpets may occur if animal faeces are brought into the trang chính on the soles of shoes or on a contaminated object.

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Structure 2b is also balanced, but in a manner such that neither reading corresponds vĩ đại our real-world knowledge of the materials typically used vĩ đại manufacture either carpets or brooms.

The process is initiated by binding of the cationic peptide vĩ đại negatively charged phospholipids, resulting in a ' carpeting ' of the membrane surface, without self-association of the peptide.

Our exports of glass and carpets in 1961 were worth $4·2 million, but the increase in duties was larger.

We are not accepting a meaningless statement in relation vĩ đại tufted carpets.

The following statistics exclude industrial uses of pesticides, for example, for timber preservation, proofing of carpets and so sánh forth.

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Many of them now have carpets rather than vãn cold, bare linoleum.

The industries with the highest productivity growth rates were chemicals, man-made fibres and carpets, which are relatively capital intensive.

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