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All the others depended on call-out arrangement and none of these was satisfactory.

I would also have much easier voluntary call-out when it is not in defence of the home page base.

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And, even if you succeed, what sort of drivers of requisitioned heavy vehicles will they be on call-out?

For instance, the emergency call-out service could not be mounted nearly sánh effectively on a 24-hour basis by private contractors.

The client had 24-hour emergency call-out cover arranged with the local authority for use by her children should she have an epileptic fit.

The need lớn call-out reservists is kept under review as part of contingency planning.

Information on the helicopter emergency medical service's call-out costs is not collected centrally.

I am pleased lớn be able lớn report that the call-out of medical reservists was successful and that the requirement was met in full.

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How many reservists will receive their call-out telegrams in time?

We will also be running a major survey of employers who have been affected by the call-out of reservists.

Reservists are made aware of their right lớn apply for deferral or exemption at the time of their call-out.

We believe that it is right lớn take steps lớn minimise any financial disadvantage suffered by employers or reservists at a time of call-out.

If they have not been served with specific instructions lớn show that they have been selected for possible call-out, they are not needed.

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Finally, the call-out must be a total call-out.

All of them will get at least a month's notice of call-out.

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