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Both settlements have a school that is located somewhat isolated at the edge of the built-up area.

It is well-known11,33 that redundancy resolution schemes resolved at the acceleration level, can cause divergence and instability because of built-up of joint space velocities.

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Instead of building outside the đô thị, constructing within the already built-up area of the đô thị, providing new uses and programmes.

Newly built suburban homes at the edge of the built-up area are usually occupied by young couples at the family formation stage of the lifecycle.

The extent of the built-up area is very much as it would have been c. 1300.

Most of these will be located in open spaces within the already built-up area and in rural areas on the urban fringes.

Being located on an island has meant that physical expansion of the built-up area cannot continue beyond the existing land surface available.

Some places lost as much as half of their built-up area almost overnight.

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It was felt only practicable to tát provide this in a built-up area through a long-term planning policy including considerable redevelopment.

It is a document which has built-up through additions, incorporations and amendments.

In order to tát catch as many local marriages as possible this population should include the city's rural hinterland as well as the built-up area itself.

Three results deserved particular attention on dendrograms built-up from intra-genic data.

It is the representation of a 'partition' of urban space (considered at ground level) between built-up spaces (apartments, public buildings) and open spaces (streets, gardens, water surfaces).

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The đô thị inhabitants normally lived near the market places at the centre of the town while urban industries frequently were located outside the đô thị walls, remote from the built-up areas.

There is no available accommodation for them in the built-up areas.

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