brownie là gì

Cakes are de®nitely toothpickers, but brownies aren't.

This increased impact will then feed back to tát you when your articles are assessed in terms of "brownie points".

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In the target culture, no brownie points means no action if other priorities dictated from the centre have to tát be met.

They treat the matter as a political football, simply to tát gain brownie points in some quarters.

In the scouts, the brownies and the cubs, and even probably the woodcraft folk, one starts accumulating the results of little proficiency tests.

Therefore, they bởi not want to tát lose any brownie points over the next 12 years.

That is much more important than thở winning brownie points.

I also congratulate all those people who are involved in youth organisations, such as the scouts, the brownies, the sea scouts and the venture scouts.

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Instead, there is constant unnecessary doom and gloom simply to tát score a few brownie points in the local government elections.

There is no mileage and no brownie points for brewers, landlords or tenants in creating social problems.

It boasted a thriving pack of brownies and guides, cookery, judo, badminton and khiêu vũ evening classes and a pre-school playgroup for 24 children.

I know that there are few political brownie points to tát be won by expressing concerns about our prisoners and prisons, especially in the juvenile sector.

First, as an employer you will get brownie points, which is very fashionable.

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My hope is that it has been an opportunity for rational discussion rather than thở an exercise in merely winning political brownie points.

Many such pupils always felt that only the pure academics in the class received all the stars, the brownie points and the encouragement.

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